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September 2015 Eltham CKD became an officially recognised  member of the
(All Styles Martial Arts Association & Self Defence Federation)

#top Dave Turton ASMAA-SDF

registration cerificate
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SDF instructor certificate
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ECKD Head Instructor John Edwards is a authorised
ASMAA - SDF instructor.

ASMAA-SDF is headed by internationally respected martial artist Dave Turton (10th dan). He has been awarded many accolades over the years including the ‘martial art hall of fame’. I have had the pleasure of training with Mr Turton and found his common sense and practical take on self defence refreshing. He is fundamentally a ‘martial artist’ but teaches ‘real world’ techniques that are practical and effective - very much what Eltham CKD set’s out to do.


Dave Turton 10th Dan
Founder of ASMAA-SDF

Exciting ‘ONE OFF’ EVENT !
workshop featuring Dave Turton
Sunday 1st October 2017,
Admittance by ticket only
(might squeeze 1 or 2 in if you are quick)


Ticket Price

Admittance by
pre paid ticket only

This is a great opportunity to see for yourself why Dave Turton is known internationally as 'Mr Knowledge' when it comes to practical self defence.

Please be aware, the maximum our Dojan can comfortably hold is 40 persons so it really is first come first served’.

This is a really special ’ONE OFF’ event not to be missed. The great man will probably not come done south to do a workshop again ! Tickets have already been allocated so…


020 8304 3500
07919 356980

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Make sure you arrive early wearing lose, comfortable clothing and bring a drink - leave the rest to us !

It’s going to be THE ‘Self Defence’ workshop you’ll never forget !

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