The Benefits of Eltham CKD

You don’t have to be super fit or an athlete to learn Eltham CKD. It is a ‘reality based’ easy to learn Self Defence system that is taught in gradual ‘non competitive’ stages at your own pace.

While learning with like minded people, in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

Eltham CKD is great for improving your cardiovascular, skeletal and muscles. The ‘natural’ movements we use in our techniques ensure no harm will come to you, unlike so many traditional martial arts !

Learn Practical Self Defence
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Have Fun -
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I am delighted to say we had a full house, lots of laughs and some really great characters practicing self defence. Many for the very first time.

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A Martial Art school is only as good as its instructors.
THANK YOU instructors
for making Eltham CKD GREAT !

“The skills you learn at Eltham CKD will last your lifetime, all it takes is some commitment from you,
and we will do the rest” !

We meet every Wednesday Evening
 Tel 020 8304 3500
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ECKD school owners John and Cathyn Edwards

ECKD founders and school owners
John and Cathryn Edwards

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Why learn Self Defence?
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020 8304 3500
07919 356980

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‘PUPLIC’ Self Defence Workshop


Well done to Micky, Syra and Noah

Picture’s and Video’s

Micky, Syra, Noah

ECKD Black Belt promotion

Dave Turton workshop Pictures & Video’s

(Mr Knowledge)
10th Dan Mr Dave Turton
Sunday 1st October 2017,

THE ‘Self Defence’ workshop we won’t forget !

A BIG thank you to Dave Turton and his is talented SDF-ASMAA instructors Kelly and Richard for travelling down for this ‘special’ workshop. As usual Dave was on top form and everyone enjoyed his humour and unrivalled knowledge. Thank you to all who attended for sending text’s and emails full of praise for this workshop, some of whom travelled from as far as the South Coast to attend.

ECKD made some new martial art friends and we hope to share time and training together in the future.

Dave Turton Workshop Photo’s and videos

Congratulations to Amberlise Trigg
Promoted to Instructor

Congratulations to Noah Flaxman-Ali promoted to Chief Instructor

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Head Instructor John Edwards
“Bullying” & “Conquering Fear”.
A little about me.
Plus other thoughts.
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ECKD Founder and Head Instructor John Edwards

Eltham CKD

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ECKD student Amberlise Trigg promotion to Instructor

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Female defence against two Male attackers

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Christmas / New Year holiday dates.

Our last Training session will be Wednesday 13th December.

We open for the first 2018 training session on Wednesday 3rd January 2018.

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